Melbourne based Salsa Band, Salsonando take to the Stage to officially close the 2012 Fiesta in true festive style. Highly recognised & respected in the Latin scene, Salsonando portrays an authentic passion for Latin music. Guaranteed to keep you dancing all night! 
Oz Locos Band
Fiesta welcomes back Australian based Latino hip hop outfit “Oz Locos”. Bringing together a unique combination of hip hop, reggaeton & rapping fused with live music & contagious hip shaking rhythms!!! 
Oz Locos
Oscar Jimemez
Australian based Latino hip hop outfit Oz Locos bring together a unique combination of hiphop & reggaeton fused with live music & dancers. 
Oscar Jimemez
Orquesta La 45
Orquesta La 45’ was created by Colombian Australian brother’s Eddie & Jayson Estrada. Playing Colombian, New York Salsa & also authentic tropical Cumbia. The boys lead a very energetic show not to be missed, high powered salsa & plenty of clave & tumbao in the mix. 
Eddie A. Estrada
Debut CD Single release!!! Urban Latin Music, Salsa, Reggaeton, Merengue, Bachata, R’n’B & Hip Hop. D-Minus is the first Australian urban artist to be flown to the USA & France performing to crowds in LA, New York & Paris. Fiesta welcomes D-Minus to our Stage! 
La Mezcla
Latin American band 
Huanchaco Band
Rumba / Flamenco Fusion 
Dany Maia Band
Brasilian carnival band. 
La Influencia
Salsa Band 
Opal Ocean
Flamenco Fusion Band 
Sin Fronteras
Latin American Band 
Amaru Tribe
Latin American Band 
Lonjas de Melbourne
Candombe Uruguayan drums 
Malo Malo
Salsa Band (Sydney) 
Tutuma Sessions
Salsa Band 
Bad Boys Batucada
Brazilian Rhythms Band 
Maracatu Estrella Do Mar
Brazilian Drums 
Cuban Son Band 
Dany Maia
Brazilian Band 
Colombian Vallenato Band 
Madre Monte
Colombian Band 
Dancing in the Street
Salsa - Bachata - ChaCha - Zumba - Cuban - Samba - Casino - Reggaeton - Showy dance - Salsaton - Cmon feel alive - Rakata 
Buena Vista Turro Martinez
Cha Cha Cha Class 
Bachata Dance Class 
Cuban Salsa Class 
Baila Fitness
Zumba Dance Class 
Samba School 
DJ George
Melbourne’s most popular Latin DJ playing all the latest & best of Latin funky beats... 
DJ Xavi
Latin American Music 
DJ Mao
Latin American music. 
Dj Cohiba
Latin American Music 
DJ Mick Williams
Latin American Music 
Cuban Dance Band 
DJ Cuban
Latin American Music 
DJ Cumbia Massive
Electronic Cumbia 
DJ Latin American Tunes
Dance Interaction 
Brazilian drums
Floor Activity 
Rakata R
Reaggeaton Dance Class 
DJ Javier
Latin American Tunes 
Mundombe Tribe Floor Show
Afro Latin Drum and Dance 
Katumba Entertainment
Latin Floor Show 
Latin American Dance 
Cappoeira Melbourne
Brazilian Martial Arts 
Dance City Production
Latin American Floor Show 
Neda All Colour Project
Drums Batucada 
Flamenco Foor Show 

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