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State:  VIC

Post Code:  3002

Population:  4,964

Location:  VIC,3002

LGA:  City of Melbourne

State Electorate:  Melbourne

Federal Division:  Melbourne

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  • Phone: 03 9417 3341
  • Name: Holy Trinity Anglican Church
    Levels: Directories
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    There is no information on opening hours


    Dear Friends,

    Sincere thanks to those who gave up their time to attend the AGM last Sunday – it was a good meeting and sets us up for what we all hope will be a better year ahead. Having said that ‘omicron’ the latest aberration of the Corona virus seems to be gathering momentum and has the potential to derail much of what we have gained by way of freedoms. Let’s not be dismayed by this, let’s not be swamped by the press reports and their use of sensational words like ‘surge’ and ‘rages’ and the like. Rather, let us remind ourselves that we have done extremely well against all the preceding forms of the virus and we will again. Let us be careful but not obsessive. There is an advertisement online at the moment urging people to buy this particular plastic device which you keep in your car and take out when you go to the petrol station so that you can wrap the handle of the pump in it and thereby protect yourself from the most germ laden surface in our society. It is alleged that petrol pumps are more germ laden than toilets – who knew?

    It is easy to become frightened and focussed on things that at the end of the day we have little or no control over. There will be constant new strains of this virus and if we go into a panic with each new one we will all go crazy. Let’s relax as much as possible confident that we have overcome and we will continue to do so.

    I hope the daily prayers for Advent are encouraging.

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